Chris Fortey

Chris Fortey | Dyslexic, Developer


Hello. I’m Chris Fortey, a developer who enjoys swimming and sports, but I’ve still not quite mastered swimming butterfly. Skilled in designing and developing web and business applications.

First in BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing

Leicester De Montfort University - September 1999 to July 2003

W3Cx - WAI0.1x Introduction to Web Accessibility


A few of the greeting cards I created over the years for friends.

A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card A greeting card


Cromwell Tools Group Ltd2/02/2007 to present

Maintaining and creating internal applications for the company. During this time I worked as an Assistant Business System Developer, Web Administrator (doing development) and finally as a business System Developer.

Along with using PHP, CSS, JavaScript and Postgres, I've also been able to work with other technologies such as scripting InDesign document changes.

B2B Web Consultants 22/09/2004 to 02/08/2005

Worked as a web designer at B2B Web Consultants. Responsible for developing websites in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility01/07/2001 to 12/07/2002

Worked as a Webmaster, responsible for on going maintenance of website using HTML and CSS. Prototyped an online journal, each issue of the journal containing a number of articles.

Provided technical assistance for the organisation’s consultation with local government for electronic voting. This required developing a JavaScript application that was used for market research.


I enjoy running and swimming, and regularly take classes at the local gym.

Leicester Half Marathon 2010

In 2010 I trained for and then completed the Leicester half marathon.

View details of my half marathon

Leicester Marathon 2012

In 2012 I trained for and then completed the Leicester marathon.

View details of my marathon


I enjoy playing video games, particularly the Nintendo Zelda games, but I was a little annoyed when this happen playing Link's Wakening.

As sell as moden games, I enjoy retro games on the Sega MultiMega, a combined MegaDrive and MegaCD.

This has finally given me the chance to play Snatcher, a cyberpunk graphic adventure game.

Sokoban Colours

A Sokoban clone orginal created in ActionsScript, recreated using JavaScript and canvas.

Play Sokoban Colours


Employment and Dyslexia Handbook

In 2009, my dyslexia success stories was included in the Employment and Dyslexia Handbook 2009 (9781872653976) by the British Dyslexia Association.

Leicestershire Dyslexia Association

Web site of the Leicestershire Dyslexia Association, a local dyslexia support group I attended.

Hi2u 4 people with hidden impairments

I shared a dyslexia success story on the Hi2u website.


Asterix in Britian

I’ve always enjoy the Asterix books, but Asterix in Britain would have to be my favourite, from the opening page I enjoyed the way fun it pokes at British stereo types, British reserve, displaying emotion and speaking in what ho Bertie Wooster manor. My thoughts on Asterix in Britian.

Human Nature / Family of Blood (Doctor Who)

A clever story that touches on war, class, race, gender told from the perspective of the stories time in history. The image of children fighting prior to WW1 is strong, but the best is John Smith wrestling with coming the Doctor again, a scene full of emotion.



Don’t Make Me Think

Don’t Make Me Think, my favourite web related book.

Introduction to Web Accessibility

A Introduction to Web Accessibility course by the W3C.

CSS Grid Changes Everything

A handly intro to CSS grids, watch CSS Grid Changes Everything on YouTube.

A Complete Guide to Flexbox

A easy to follow guide to CSS flexbox.

Art with CSS?

Recreating neoplasticism with CSS.

Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser

The Juicy Studio Luminosity Colour Contrast Ratio Analyser.

Interface Hall of Shame

The Interface Hall of Shame shows examples of bad interfaces. My favourite example, being asked to delete files to free up space to perform a delete.

Attack of the Zombie Copy

A quick short article on copy writing.