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Chris Fortey | Dyslexic, Developer


Hello. I’m Chris Fortey, a developer who enjoys swimming and sports, but I’ve still not quite mastered swimming butterfly. Skilled in designing and developing web and business applications.

First in BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing

Leicester De Montfort University - September 1999 to July 2003

W3Cx - WAI0.1x Introduction to Web Accessibility


A cartoon recreating a Breakfast at Tiffany's movie poster. A getwell card showing a cartoon image of a patient sitting in a hospital bed. Comicstip of a gym instructor make fun of class members. A young women looks a sign post deciding which shows to go to on hew shopping spree. The cookie Monster think about inventing cookie shakes. A Computer System Admin uses force lighting to chase of developers asking for help. A gym member running away when he see a messy gym studio. An individual's fitness workout being interruptedby a crying baby. The individual gets more over time. Comicstrip showing a dog jumping into and tipping over a Christmas tree. Comicstrip showing a dog wondering what their Christmas present is, only to find out it is a Raindeer costume. Comicstrip of a women deciding if to open her Christmas gifts early. A comicstrip of a women throw a bottle of vodka to prevent a man giving a toast from reveling her age. Two members of a boxercise class end up injuried. A woman uses her female intuition to guess what her Christmas gifts are. A Woman look for friends who didn't buy her a birthday gift.


Cromwell Tools Group Ltd2/02/2007 to present

Maintaining and creating internal applications for the company. During this time I worked as an Assistant Business System Developer, Web Administrator (doing development) and finally as a business System Developer.

Along with using PHP, CSS, JavaScript and Postgres, I've also been able to work with other technologies such as scripting InDesign document changes.

B2B Web Consultants 22/09/2004 to 02/08/2005

Worked as a web designer, responsible for developing websites in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility01/07/2001 to 12/07/2002

Worked as a Webmaster, responsible for on going maintenance of website using HTML and CSS. Prototyped an online journal.

Provided technical assistance for the organisation’s consultation with local government for electronic voting. This required developing a JavaScript application that was used for market research.


After running for a couple of years, in 2010 I trained for and then completed the Leicester half marathon.

View details of my half marathon

In 2012, I folowed up the half marathon by training for and then completing the Leicester marathon.

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I enjoy swimming, having been qualified as a pool lifeguard in the past, I have also held other Royal Life Saving Society awards. I regularly take classes at the local gym. Below are two step routines I found online and enjoy.

I enjoy playing the Nintendo Zelda games, I've played all the 3D games from the N64 to Switch as well as many of the 2D Zelda games. Highlights of the series for me are The Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild. Online, I enjoy playing Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2.

I also enjoy playing retro Sega MegaDrive and MegaCD games on the Sega MultiMega, which is a combined MegaDrive and MegaCD. A hightlight of being able to play MegaCD games is that it gave me the chance to play Snatcher, a cyberpunk graphic adventure game, which I first came across as a teenager but wasn't able to play.


Sokoban Colours

A Sokoban clone orginal created in ActionsScript, recreated using JavaScript and canvas. The aim of the game is a little different as the coloured boxes need to be match to there colour target.

Play Sokoban Colours


My Dyslexia story

I was lucky and my dyslexia was diagnosed early, when I was in primary school. While at both primary and secondary school I received extra help with my study. When it came to my GCSEs, I received further support in the form of extra time and a tutor was allow to transcribe my exam papers correcting spelling errors. I finished secondary school with 9 GCSEs, 1 B, 5 Cs, 2 Ds and an E. It was while I was at secondary school that I attended the Leicestershire Dyslexia Association where I was given extra tutoring.

After secondary school I went on to college to study I.T., gaining a BTEC GNVQ Intermediate and Advanced in Information Technology, both with a Merit grade. College was also supportive and I again received extra time with my exams and had a personal tutor while studying for my Intermediate GNVQ.

I finished my studies at Leicester De Montfort University completing a Honours degree in Multimedia Computing for which I was awards a first classification. At university I was supported by a Disabled student allowance to buy equipment to support my studies and was apply to have extra time in my exams if required.

Since finishing my studies I have worked as a Web / Business System Developer where my dyslexia affects me in task that involve reading and writing.

Away from study and work, I don't find my dyslexia affects me much, the only thing that stands out is that I prefer audiobook over reading a book. Short books and comics are the exception to this.

There have been a few times that other peoples views on dyslexia has supprised me. A work colleague was surprised when I told them that I was dyslexia. I'm careful to proof read my emails at work several times to find errors, I guess my colleague was expecting to see spelling / grama mistakes. I also had a careers advicer surprised that I achieve a first for my degree because of my dyslexia.

Coping with Dyslexia

Spelling is an area where my dyslexia affects me, offers I will come to write a word and not know how it is spelt. I can normally get around this by typing how I think the word is spelt into a word process or in to Google, most times I get close enough to how the word should be spelt to get the word I was looking for. Typing the word phonetically helps. When I cannot find the spelling this way I rely on type the word in a parse into Google.

As an example, in writing this I use the word daunting. To get the spelling for this I wanting to start with the sound 'dawn'. I couldn’t spell that so I searched on Google for periods of the day. I then searched for 'dawn tin', as one word, and got daunting. I searched for ‘daunting meaning’ to check I had the right word.

Words that are spelt differently but pronounced the same some times cause me to use the wrong word, just now I typed write instead of right.

I often get gramma wrong, but with using a spell / gramma checker and rereading what I wrote, several times, allows me to correct a lot of grammatical error.

Reading is an activity I find hard at times, large amounts of text can appear off putting and daunting to read. I tend to listen to audio books where possible, getting rid of the need to read. Some times, normally at work, I will use text to speech in Word to read out long passages of text.

Dyslexia and work

A fair amount of communication takes the form of emails so spelling can be a problem, someone else may not figure out what word I meant to use.

I have found for me that for me this is generally easy to solve. To find the correct spelling for a word, I will use the spell checker in either Word or search on Google. Most of the time my attempt to spell a word is close enough for Word or Google to come up with the correct spelling.

Looking for answers / solutions too problems and reading written communications can be hard.

At times, I will find it hard for what I'm reading to sock in and will find myself reading a sentence several times to understand what is being said. Large amount of text to reading can be very off-putting, put in these case I will copy the text into Word so I can get Word to read it out. Some times when documents take the form of a PFD this isn't always possible and I have to read through the whole document which can be painful.

Employment and Dyslexia Handbook

In 2009, my dyslexia success stories was included in the Employment and Dyslexia Handbook 2009 (9781872653976) by the British Dyslexia Association.


Asterix in Britian

I’ve always enjoy the Asterix books, but Asterix in Britain would have to be my favourite, from the opening page I enjoyed the way fun it pokes at British stereo types, playing on British reserve, a lack of displaying emotion and speaking in what ho Bertie Wooster manor.

I partially enjoyed the open pages when the Brits stop fighting the Romans each day at 5.00 for a spot of hot water (no tea) yet and stop fighting all together at the weekends. Julius Caesar (a great strategist) only fights at 5.00 week days and all day the weekend, to which the British reply "Oh, say, the cads!". More info on Asterix in Britian.

Human Nature / Family of Blood

One of my favourite Doctor Who stories, a clever story that touches on war, class, race, gender, but all told from the perspective of the views that the people in story would have held at the time (they are of there time you could sasy).

Children fighting prior to Wolrd War 1 is a strong image and I was supprised that the BBC would get this close to child soldiers in a fmaily show, but the best is John Smith wrestling with coming the Doctor again, and what type of person the Doctor must be is a scene full of emotion. More info on Human Nature / Family of Blood.

From Russia With Love

Having read the Bond Novels when I was younger, From Russia with Love is by far my favourite. Strangely, a large part of the beginning of the book doesn’t feature Bond at all and sets or the Russian plot, which unroll slowly building up the tension. The novel not only feels much more grounded then other Bond stories but also feels like a cold war spy triller.

As well as believing From Russia with Love to be the best of the novels, From Russia with Love stand out as the best of the films. While making changes to the novel, it still retains the feeling of a cold war spy triller, is less over the top and feels much closer the the novels than any other of the films. More info on From Russia With Love.

Big Finish

I’ve enjoy listening to the Doctor Who ranger of stories produced by Big Finish. Highlights for me include The Sky Man in Derek Jacobi's War Master range, The Red Lady, one of may Paul McGann stories, David Warner Unbound Doctor and The Lady of Obsidian from John Hurt's War Doctor range.


Snatcher is a graphic cyberpunk adventure game where you play a Junker investigate the disappearance of people by Snatchers, androids diseased as humans.

The game involves a mixture of still images with audio and movies in which the main story is told. You move along the story by interacting with the scene which involve investigating the area and talking to the people around. Most of the game play involves these interactions and solving clues but there are shooting scene at times, which can get very challenging at times, requiring quick reflexes and a little bit of button mashing.

The game also contains an enjoyable cyberpunk story line which was much more depth than I was expecting.





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