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Coping with Dyslexia

My dyslexia generally affects me in:

Spelling / Writing

Spelling is an area where my dyslexia affects me, offers I will come to write a word and not know how it is spelt. I can normally get around this by typing how I think the word is spelt into a word process or in to Google, most times I get close enough to how the word should be spelt to get the word I was looking for. Typing the word phonetically helps. When I cannot find the spelling this way I rely on type the word in a parse into Google.

As an example, in writing this I use the word daunting. To get the spelling for this I wanting to start with the sound 'dawn'. I couldn’t spell that so I searched on Google for periods of the day. I then searched for 'dawn tin', as one word, and got daunting. I searched for ‘daunting meaning’ to check I had the right word.

Words that are spelt differently but pronounced the same some times cause me to use the wrong word, just now I typed write instead of right.

I often get gramma wrong, but with using a spell / gramma checker and rereading what I wrote, several times, allows me to correct a lot of grammatical error.


Reading is an activity I find hard at times, large amounts of text can appear off putting and daunting to read. I tend to listen to audio books where possible, getting rid of the need to read. Some times, normally at work, I will use text to speech in Word to read out long passages of text.