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Dyslexia at Work

Dyslexia effects me generally in two ways a work:


A fair amount of communication takes the form of emails so spelling can be a problem, someone else may not figure out what word I meant to use.

I have found for me that for me this is generally easy to solve. To find the correct spelling for a word, I will use the spell checker in either Word or search on Google. Most of the time my attempt to spell a word is close enough for Word or Google to come up with the correct spelling.


Looking for answers / solutions too problems and reading written communications can be hard.

At times, I will find it hard for what I'm reading to sock in and will find myself reading a sentence several times to understand what is being said. Large amount of text to reading can be very off-putting, put in these case I will copy the text into Word so I can get Word to read it out. Some times when documents take the form of a PFD this isn't always possible and I have to read through the whole document which can be painful.