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My Dyslexia Story

I was lucky and my dyslexia was diagnosed early, when I was in primary school. While at both primary and secondary school I received extra help with my study. When it came to my GCSEs, I received further support in the form of extra time and a tutor was allow to transcribe my exam papers correcting spelling errors. I finished secondary school with 9 GCSEs, 1 B, 5 Cs, 2 Ds and an E. It was while I was at secondary school that I attended the Leicestershire Dyslexia Association where I was given extra tutoring.

After secondary school I went on to college to study I.T., gaining a BTEC GNVQ Intermediate and Advanced in Information Technology, both with a Merit grade. College was also supportive and I again received extra time with my exams and had a personal tutor while studying for my Intermediate GNVQ.

I finished my studies at Leicester De Montfort University completing a Honours degree in Multimedia Computing for which I was awards a first classification. At university I was supported by a Disabled student allowance to buy equipment to support my studies and was apply to have extra time in my exams if required.

Since finishing my studies I have worked as a Web / Business System Developer where my dyslexia affects me in task that involve reading and writing. Learn more about my dyslexia at work.

Away from study and work, I don't find my dyslexia affects me much, the only thing that stands out is that I prefer audiobook over reading a book. Short books and comics are the exception to this.

There have been a few times that other peoples views on dyslexia has supprised me. A work colleague was surprised when I told them that I was dyslexia. I'm careful to proof read my emails at work several times to find errors, I guess my colleague was expecting to see spelling / grama mistakes. I also had a careers advicer surprised that I achieve a first for my degree because of my dyslexia.